“My associates and I at Tyler Corners LLC, engaged the services of Catherine Bolton and Mary Kay Warner, principals of River Rock Communications…Our engagement required River Rock to develop and execute strategic plans to engage members of the community (including residents, business and community leaders, and government officials) as well as the media.”

“River Rock Communications skillfully developed a multi-faceted plan that provided overall monitoring of the perceived challenges presented by all constituents with whom our company would be interacting, facilitates numerous opportunities for Tyler Corners to meet with key business constituents, provided well-prepared and timely media materials and media relations, and community outreach programs, all ultimately designed to increase community support and provide balanced media reporting with respect to the project.”

“Tyler Corners’ management team was extremely satisfied with the services provided by River Rock Communications and would absolutely utilize the team’s services again.”

  • Tyler Corners, LP

*The full recommendation is available upon request.